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Wedding Suite

wedding suite ketubah.jpg


A Traditional Ketubah, inspiration, 1835 Tunis, Tunisia, and 1932 Quilon, India

Photos by Haley Richter Photography

open invitation.jpeg


The couple was married in an outdoor ceremony at a summer camp. They wanted the woodlands as a backdrop for their invitation.

The invitation opens as a booklet.

The personalized hand lettered invitation was printed on vellum, so we can see through to the night sky. The star constellations refer to the zodiac signs of the couple.

Together with the invitation was a packet neatly tied up in a strap of rustic hemp; including the RSVP, schedule of weekend events, and an accommodation list.


A map of the grounds, from the welcome packet, given to the guests


The couple helped create the weekend theme. Their personalized “stamp” appeared on many different elements.

Photos by Haley Richter Photography

Each seating (seeding) card was designed as a seed packet giveaway…a nod to the farm to table dinner menu.


The menu was hand written and printed with elements from the wedding invitation.


Flowers, “borrowed” from our invitation lent themselves to the post wedding thank you notes.

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